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Channeling Amelia Earhart

20 Hrs. 40 Min: Our Flight in the Friendship by Amelia Earhart (one of my inspirations for my career as a pilot) was pure joy to narrate, and truly a labor of love... since the book is in the public domain and Amelia's not around to pay me for it! I always felt her presence in my own adventures flying tiny single-engine aircraft "across the pond" from the U.S. to Europe and I cursed her influence occasionally, too, when I had an inevitable cringe each time I left the shoreline headed out across the unending sea and the engine invariably choked and sputtered in "automatic rough!" as it left land behind. But her story is my story and the story of all the women who came after her and broke even newer ground (or airspace!) with courage gained from Amelia Earhart's accomplishments as well as her tragic disappearance. On the eve of Women's History Month, here's to you, Amelia!


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